Dark Matter – by Mike Frost

The Cosmic Web. Anchored in dark matter?


Dark Matter - a talk by Mike Frost


Dark Matter. Is it Dark? Does it Matter?


A while ago I was asked to give a talk on dark matter. I thought, "I dont know anything about dark matter". And then I realised, neither does anyone else!


How did we get to the point where we think that 80% of all the matter in the universe is of a form completely unknown to us? I'm interested in how the idea of dark matter developed - the concept goes back a surprisingly long way. Dark matter solves a number of problems in diverse fields, but has stubbornly refused to identify itself. Are we thinking about the problems in the wrong way?


Might we be on the edge of a revolution in the way we think about the universe? It's happened before...


And the answers ... Is it Dark? NO (it's Invisible)  Does it Matter? YES


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