Land of the Mid-Day Dusk  by Mike Frost

Aurora from the MS Trollfjord, North Cape, Norway 


Land of the Mid-Day Dusk - a talk by Mike Frost


In January 2018 I joined my friends from the Totally Insane Travel Society on a cruise round the top of Norway.


Lapland like to market themselves as the "Land of the Midnight Sun", but this doesn't pan out so well in January. So is it the "Land of the Mid-Day Dark" in winter? Well no, not really. Round mid-day, the sky is dusk-like, often with a gorgeous pink glow to the sky.


After a day in Tromso, we joined the Hurtigruten ship MS Trollfjord, on its cruise round the crinkly bits at the top of Norway. We visited North Cape, Kirkenes and the Russian border, and Hammerfest.


Best of all, we had some wonderful auroral displays.


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